Cream Edge Ceramics

Cream Edge Small Bowl

165 kr

The small bowl is the perfect size for breakfast. It’s also the ideal bowl for ice-cream or other sweets and snacks. It’s part of the Cream Edge Ceramics collection and fits perfectly inside each other for impressive serving and ease of storage. But it can just as easily be combined with other ceramics collections such as the Brown Splatter Ceramics collection due to its neutral color.

Every bowl is made by hand and therefore not two are completely alike. The production of ceramics is a very old and slow process. It takes three-six weeks for it to dry depending on the season. Once dried it’s burnt before and after being glazed. All together the production time is about three months.  

The cut edges give the cream color an edgy twist and hereby the name. Please note that the glaze around the edges are chip prone as they are more exposed and the layer of glaze is thinner here, revealing the brown terracotta base. It’s this rustic look that makes it charming and resemble the antique ceramics. Scratches in the glaze will accrue during time from use of cutlery. Every piece from the Cream Edge Ceramics collection can go into the dishwasher. 


Color: Cream
Material: Terracotta 
Dimensions: W18 cm
Weight: 0,38 kg
Handmade in Italy
Dishwasher safe

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